Since 2005 Bed Bugs Limited have lead the world of bedbug eradication and detection through a unique science and fact based approach to tackling infestations.  In 2012 we went 100% green on all hotel treatments resulting in faster eradication and lower room outages.  Many of our ProActive clients no longer experience the unpleasantness associated with a guest complaint because they detect and  resolve the problem before the complaint occurs.

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Specialist Bedbug Services:

Bed Bugs Limited - solutions for hotels

Guest/Incident Management

When faced with any crisis its always best to know you are in good hands.

Our years of experience of helping people with bedbug problems means we can often resolve guest concerns or exposure before it becomes a legal issue and damages your reputation.  

Reactive Services

If you have an active infestation and want to get the rooms back into full service as quickly as possible please read about our reactive services.

All treatments use our immediately effective 100% green systematic approach.

ProActive Services

Having experienced bedbugs once most organisations quickly realise what a nightmare they can be.  

Our system based approach reduces guest complaints, reduces room outages and costs as little a 5p per night per bed.

Bed Bug services for the hospitality industry