Since 2005 Bed Bugs Limited have lead the world of bedbug eradication and detection through a unique science and fact based approach to tackling infestations.  In 2012 we went 100% green on all hotel treatments resulting in faster eradication and lower room outages.  Many of our ProActive clients no longer experience the unpleasantness associated with a guest complaint because they detect and  resolve the problem before the complaint occurs.

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Specialist Bedbug Services:

Bed Bugs Limited - solutions for hotels

Founded in 2005 was one of the world first public information portals on bedbugs offering some of the first images of bedbugs and their signs outside of academia.

Having witness the increase in infestations over the previous few years our founder David Cain realised that this growing problem required a more scientific approach to successfully eradicate and detect infestations.

He soon realised that early detection was the key to control and embarked on a public information mission to try and educate people about the risks and more importantly how to avoid infestations.

Following the first incident of significant public awareness in Jan 2007 when a London 5 star Hotel received a law suit from a guest our media role has continued to grow.  Subsequently we have contributed to over 250 national and international newspapers and built one of the most respected specialist pest control firms in the world kept busy dealing with only bedbug infestations.

To date Bed Bugs Limited have processed over 28,000 domestic infestations and 1,000’s of hotel rooms across the hospitality spectrum.  Specialising in low and non chemical strategies when feasible rooms can do back into use within a matter of hours rather than weeks of lost time and revenue.

Through the establishment of cutting edge systems and processes we are able to assist organisations to reduce the negative impact that infestations can have on their businesses and through the disciplines we help instil ensure that any exposure to bed bugs is dealt with quickly and efficiently with minimal losses.

March 2014

What was once a rare pest problem has made a meteoric comeback into society.  As a pest of exposure bedbugs can impact the hospitality industry as they are transferred from location to location with guests luggage, staff and items brought into your establishment.

Without ProActive systems in place your organisation is simply responding to staff sightings and guest complaints which means infestations are often heavier and more impacting than they need to be.

Bed Bugs Limited have developed and patented technology and systems to help identify even a single bedbug encroaching on your establishment within 12 - 72 hours ensuring that you are able to detect the issue long before they start to breed and spread through to adjoining areas of the property.  

World first bedbug specialist

About Us

As the world first firm of bedbug specialists we constantly strive to define best practices that the rest of the industry will at some stage follow.

In 2014 we will be the first company to offer a 100% green approach for dealing with all cases having stopped using chemicals in hotel rooms in 2012.


Worlds first dedicated decon facility

In EU to train bedbug scent dogs

In world to develop Passive Monitors

In EU to retire bedbug scent dogs

In EU to go 100% green for hotels